An Introduction to Maranatha’s New Community Groups

Every student at Maranatha is part of a small Advisory Group that meets weekly and provides them with a place for community and connection. This year, each Advisory Group will also be placed into a larger “Community Group” of approximately 80 students and Advisors. 

The purpose of creating these Community Groups is to increase opportunities for student leadership, adult mentoring, and vertical interaction between all grades. With students currently learning online, Community Groups will help counteract the effects of isolation at home and also help onboard new students who desire to quickly integrate into the fabric of the Maranatha family. Student leaders in ASB will help lead these groups and also provide fun, interactive activities.
Each of the six community groups consists of Advisory Groups from each grade and gender. The senior Advisory Group leaders will be nominating senior student group leaders for this year and also nominate juniors who will lead next year. Instead of competing against other grades, the Community Groups will participate in fun competitions against each other.
The Community Groups each have a Hebrew name, as follows:  Gimel Community, Yod Community, Shin Community, Peh Community, Lamed Community, and Alef Community.
Maranatha’s staff and faculty hope that these new Community Groups will not only provide fun activities, but more importantly, that they will help our students to feel known and connected to each other whether they are learning from home or the classroom and whether they are a new student or in their fourth year at MHS. During these extraordinary times, Maranatha is more committed than ever to not just providing excellent academics, but also important community support for your student’s social and emotional growth.