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Original “Seussical” Cast Comes Back to Maranatha After 10 Years

Maranatha alumni from the 2010 production of “Seussical The Musical” reunited on the 10th anniversary of the show.
On Friday, March 13 alumni from the 2010 production of “Seussical” returned to Maranatha to visit the new cast of “Seussical” in the famous Ambassador Auditorium. Taylor Wesselman, 2020 “Seussical” Director and former cast member of the 2010 production, remarked, “Having the alumni return for a reunion of ‘Seussical the Musical’ was a treat. Ten years ago we got the opportunity to perform this joyful show, and it was a special moment to experience the next generation of Maranatha talent taking the stage and making it their own. Before the show, the alumni met for a reunion dinner, swapped stories, took pictures, and then walked down memory lane as we watched our 2010 production. Following dinner, the alumni (including the Director of the 2010 production, Erik Snodgrass) found their seats in the Ambassador. The alumni section sounded like a party, they were laughing hysterically, applauding, and screaming praise louder than anyone else in the theater.”
At the end of the closing night, the 2010 cast of “Seussical” joined the current cast onstage for a photo and each of the former cast members took a picture with their character counterpart from this year’s production. Taylor continued, “It was a sweet moment of old and new celebrating together. The alumni couldn't stop complimenting the students and singing their praises and you could tell that our students felt like rockstars. Going through this program 10 years ago was a very special time for us. We were proud to be MHS theater students and we are thrilled and excited to pass the baton to these young artists.”