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Two Maranatha Seniors Selected for Young Legislators Program

Congratulations to seniors Karen Garnica and Mireille Minassian for being selected as part of the prestigious Young Legislators Program.
The two Maranatha seniors were among the group of high school students in the Pasadena area who were selected to be a part of the prestigious Young Legislators Program for District 41. Assemblymember Chris Holden's Annual Young Legislators Program began it's 5th season this past January and concludes this June.  Karen said, “I first found out about the Young Legislators Program through my College Counselor at Maranatha. This was the ideal opportunity for me to learn more about the legislative process and have access to the political arena. I'm very passionate about social justice and opportunities, and I know that God is calling me to create change in my community. I plan to major in Political Science, so I’m grateful that I get to learn from an accomplished leader, such as Assemblymember Chris Holden.”

During the program, students will meet one Saturday each month to become better advocates on issues they care about, gain valuable leadership skills, and learn about the legislative process. Topics the young legislators will discuss include organizing for changes on campus, the future of transportation, California’s infrastructure, and science and technology. The program concludes with each of the 2020 Young Legislators heading to Northern California for two days to visit the State Capitol and Facebook headquarters.

Karen continued, “We have monthly meetings that we must attend. In the next couple of months, I’ll have an exclusive look at politics in my community. One of the most rewarding parts is that I've gotten to learn how Assemblymember Chris Holden is able to pass his bills and I get to apply my knowledge from my AP Government class. This experience has already taught me that I'm able to positively change my community and that I can pursue a career in politics. It has been an honor to be surrounded by passionate students and to learn from Assemblymember Holden.”