Looking Inward During Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week begins next week from February 24-28, with a focus on “repentance.”
Once each semester, Maranatha High School celebrates Spiritual Emphasis Week, a time where students, faculty, and staff gather to participate in prayer, worship, and reflection. Student Ministry Advisory and Faculty member Greg Parker explained, “Spiritual Emphasis Week is an opportunity to build the idea of being self-reflective of where each of us is in our faith journey and if we need to own up to the errors of our way. This is the whole idea of repentance, the act of seeking forgiveness, and feeling the discomfort of having to admit when we’re wrong.”

To kick-off Spiritual Emphasis Week on Monday, guest speaker Mariah Hardy will speak about how, as Christians, we sometimes get comfortable walking in darkness rather than following God's light. On Tuesday, students and their Advisory leaders will be discussing Lent and prepping for Ash Wednesday. The following day, Mr. Parker will talk about the purpose of Lent and its history in preparing for Easter, Baptism, and readmittance into the faith community for those who have walked away from it. During Chapel on Thursday, student leaders will share their own faith journey, and Maranatha will end Spiritual Emphasis Week on Friday with a Worship Chapel featuring the Cal Baptist Worship Team.

Mr. Parker continued, “It’s important to take a break, change up our routine, slow down, and reflect on what’s most important. We can get so caught up in the business of school and busyness of life that we oftentimes forget what is most important, and that is our walk with Jesus.”