Let the “Light” Lead You at Maranatha’s Annual Arts Festival

This spring, the Maranatha campus is going to come alive with art. “Light from the Fringes,” our 2020 Maranatha Arts Festival, is taking place March 12-14 from 3:00-7:00 p.m.
Let’s take a “virtual” tour together through the many art venues that will be available for you to experience. Our tour starts in the upper parking lot where the very best of our students’ art will be on display in our Student Art tent. We are very proud of the creativity and skill exhibited by our youth, so this will be a great place to begin our exploration.

Next, we will want to stop in our Arts Festival food court and sample various cuisines provided by our Maranatha clubs and Global Steward trip teams. This is a good way to sustain yourself for the journey and financially support some of Maranatha’s volunteer organizations.

With your hunger satisfied, let’s step into the Student Center and experience art on many different levels. You can see the projected art looping continuously from our Photography and Graphic Design students, peer into the Miniature 3D Art Boxes created by our Computer Assisted Design students, pick up a brush and paint the face of your choice inside the Interactive Portrait Art exhibit, and then truly enter the virtual world by putting on the goggles and creating your own three-dimensional virtual art.

Our final destination is the Academic Quad, where you can show off your artistic skills by creating chalk art on the concrete of the quad. Then jump in the elevator and ride up to the Commons to experience a film presentation that is produced, directed, and shot by our film students. To cap off this interactive artistic experience, let’s step out onto the Academic Center plaza. Get yourself an espresso, spend time viewing the art that’s displayed from Maranatha alumni, then settle in to enjoy music from our singer/songwriters, and readings of original poetry and short stories from our creative and talented students.

We hope that you enjoyed this “virtual” preview tour of the Maranatha Arts Festival 2020 and that you will come and experience it in person March 12-14. The activities are free and open to all ages. Enjoy our students’ reflection of praise and worship to the Creator God who inspires us all.