Introducing Our New Maranatha Faculty

This month, the Minutegram is highlighting the newest faculty and staff to join our school community.
In this article, Maranatha High School would like to introduce a few individuals who joined our faculty this year. We are delighted to have them join in our mission to shape the hearts and minds of our students. 

Ji Choo: Ms. Choo is the newest faculty member to the Math Department teaching all grade levels in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and AP Calculus AB. Having worked in another private Christian school for five years helped Ms. Choo to assimilate into the culture of Maranatha to which she felt God had led her. Ms. Choo said, “Working in a Christ-centered environment is important to me. It allows me to share the Gospel with students, and receiving support from fellow Christ-followers is encouraging as well.”

Annie Chun: Ms. Chun, the newest faculty member to the Social Science Department, is teaching U.S. Government to seniors and World History to sophomores. Ms. Chun is looking forward to managing and enjoying the classes that she teaches, stating, “My goal is to develop good connections with my students. I am a veteran teacher, so I’m applying all my skills into my teaching roles at Maranatha. I enjoy being able to share my faith without restraint and the freedom to share what God is doing in my life.”

Yuri Ho: Mrs. Ho is teaching English 9 to freshman and felt prompted to apply for a teaching position at Maranatha. Mrs. Ho said, “I was in a time of transition and boldly stated to God that I will only apply to another school if He highlights it for me. For four years I worked with an under-resourced school district that served in a low socioeconomic community, and there I learned how to differentiate my lessons for all types of learners. I have been able to utilize the strategies and skills gained from my experiences and apply them to my students at Maranatha.” For Mrs. Ho, working in a Christ-centered environment has completely shifted her view on work. She continued, “It is so important to me because it allows me to believe that I can be in this vocation for a long time.”

Lauren McFarland: Ms. McFarland is the new Coach for Cross Country and Track & Field, as well as the newest faculty member teaching Strength and Conditioning for all grade levels. Teaching and coaching is a form of ministry for Ms. McFarland. She said, “God gave me a love for student-athletes. It is a joy to be around the students of Maranatha every day and to watch them learn and grow through victories. But sometimes it’s even more fun to see them grow through struggles, the testing of their faith, and producing steadfastness.” Ms. McFarland loves to bring a sense of knowledge of health and wellness to students and adults at Maranatha. She continued, “We are given one body from Christ. He calls it His temple. My goals as a coach and teacher are to always have Christ first, to build unity amongst the team or class, and to see some form of improvement, whether that be in physical ability or skills such as communication or leadership.”

Allison Mears: Ms. Mears has joined the Social Science Department, teaching U.S. History and Geography, as well as AP U.S. History to juniors. Ms. Mears shared, “I worked in public schools for three years, and since coming to Maranatha, I have enjoyed bringing Christ into the classroom and placing Him at the center of all learning. I think it is important for my students to view history and the world around them with a Christian worldview, and I truly feel like I can help them do that at Maranatha.” Ms. Mears has a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in Education and has been able to utilize those two passions in her curriculum. She continued, “I have used my previous teaching experience, as well as my educational experiences, to hopefully make history engaging for my students. As an educator, I want to be constantly learning along with my students, and my goal for my students is for them to thoughtfully engage in historical concepts and to enjoy history by the end of the class.”

Roberto Ramirez: Mr. Ramirez teaches Spanish in the Modern Language Department to students in all grade levels. Having previously worked as a teacher and administrator in the public school system, Mr. Ramirez missed being in a Christian environment. Mr. Ramirez said, “From the moment I applied for the teaching position at Maranatha I felt that God had His hand in this process. Working in a Christ-centered environment is important because as Christians we are called to live our lives, and do everything according to the will of our Father in heaven.” Mr. Ramirez believes it is also important to educate the whole student, mind, body, and soul. He continued, “I would like to lead by example and serve as a Christian mentor to all my students, and work alongside other Christian teachers to help the students soar and reach their full potential.”