Our Text Alerts Require Your Permission

Due to recent changes made by the FCC that impact wireless phone carriers, bulk text messages, like the ones Maranatha High School sends you in case of an urgent alert, may not get delivered to your cell phone!
Therefore, we are modifying our system to send all future text messages from the school using a 5-digit “shortcode” instead of a traditional telephone number. You are probably familiar with such codes, often used by corporations and commercial entities, which permits them to text you information periodically. 

Beginning tomorrow, Oct. 8, Maranatha will begin sending text messages using the shortcode 87569. In order to continue receiving our text alert messages, you will need to opt-in by replying “YES” to the message we will be texting you tomorrow. This grants us permission to continue texting vital information to you. 

On Tuesday, October 8, you should receive the following text message from the school: “Maranatha High School would like to continue sending you text alert messages, using the number 87569. To receive these messages, please reply “YES”.  

Simply reply “YES” and you’re all set! 

If you miss our text or forget to reply, you will need to opt-in manually by texting the word “YES” to us at 87569. Until you have done so, you will no longer be able to receive text notifications from Maranatha High School. 

If you have not yet added your cell phone number to your personal Profile in the myMHS system, you will need to log in and do so right away. The information you post in your Profile is used by our system to contact you quickly in case of an emergency or other urgent matter. Please check your myMHS Profile today to ensure your contact information is complete and accurate!

If you have any questions, please email our Marketing/Communications team at info@mhs-hs.org.