New Ways to Pay in the Minuteman Café

Now students can pay for their purchases more quickly and securely with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Maranatha's Minuteman Café has long been known for offering a wide variety of healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch choices, including freshly prepared entrees, salads, fruit, baked goods, and much more. But serving hundreds of students quickly is not an easy task. However, new point-of-sale systems allow our students to pay for their selections faster with the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Pay options. 

Of course, cash and debit/credit cards are still accepted, but newer technologies make paying for purchases faster and more secure. Both Apple Pay and Google Pay utilize the latest encryption technology to combat credit card fraud. Both systems conceal the user's actual credit/debit card details from the vendor, greatly increasing payment security. 

To learn more about Apple Pay, visit the Apple website HERE. To watch a short video demonstrating how to add a credit/debit card to your Apple Pay, click HERE.

You can learn more about Google Pay HERE, and watch a short video demonstrating how to use Google Pay HERE.