Academic Center Renovations Began this Summer

Thanks to the very generous 2019 Gala donors, the Academic Center’s renovations began this summer!
The Academic Center’s renovations began in June with the ground-floor and first-floor classrooms being completely updated with a new look. Thanks to the 2019 “Sweet Home Maranatha” Gala, which netted $165,000, Maranatha High School was able to improve the bottom two floors and its classrooms with fresh coats of paint, stylish vinyl flooring (with some of the classrooms receiving new carpeting), denser window shades to help keep the classrooms at a comfortable temperature, new modern ceiling tiles, and best of all, new innovative and energy-efficient LED lighting in the classrooms. These LED "grid" lights will help students concentrate and focus better by removing glares and distractions. Additionally, LED recessed lighting was installed in the foyers of the AC building's ground and first floors.

During the summer, in order to accommodate Summer Academy classes, only the AC building’s ground and first floors were renovated. The remaining two floors (2nd and 3rd) will be newly renovated and completed by the end of Summer 2020.

Thank you to all our wonderful and generous donors who help enhance our students’ education and the beautiful campus!