A Posture of Support and Inclusivity in LAP

Maranatha High School’s LAP continues to help students thrive in a college-preparatory environment.
Maranatha High School’s Learning Assistance Program is unique to our school in that this program serves and supports students with learning differences. Under the new leadership of Shelbi Wilson-Fields M.A., the LAP’s vision for the new school year is to continue focusing on the whole child, as well as providing support in their organizational skills, writing and reading development to help further their love of education, direct instruction of best study practices, self-advocacy support and other executive function skills, College Board accommodations for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP tests, learning technology, and STEM tutoring network.
The LAP is not a study hall for students, rather it is a structured college preparatory support system for students with documented learning differences. Modeled after college-support systems to best prepare students for independent success, the LAP helps guide students through individually designed best practices for supporting their learning differences with the goal of developing greater amounts of self-advocacy and academic ownership. All students with diagnosed learning differences are welcome to join the program to receive academic support.
LAP Director Shelbi Wilson-Fields is looking forward to teaching Maranatha’s resilient and hard-working students this coming school year. Ms. Wilson-Fields, who was named one of six Best and Brightest National Top Educators by Essence magazine in March 2010 as well as receiving the California Teacher of the Year Award in 2006 (beating out over 300,000 K-12 teachers in the state for this honor), will provide encouragement and support to all LAP students and will help them to achieve great success in improving grades, develop confidence, and believe in their capacity to grow and learn.
If you are interested in meeting Ms. Wilson-Fields and learning more about Maranatha’s Learning Assistance Program, then we would like to invite MHS parents and their students to attend a welcome and get-to-know-you gathering on Tuesday, August 20, in the Commons (3rd floor of the Academic Center) from 4:00-5:00 p.m. LAP parents and students will have a chance to ask questions of other parents in the program, meet older LAP students, and other peers in the program. 
If you have any questions, please email s_wfields@mhs-hs.org