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10-05-2021 update

I come to you this week with a heart full of gratitude and thankfulness! This is the week that we celebrate our school’s heritage, our community, our faith, and we do this with lots of fun activities.

This week, we will be hosting our first homecoming dance in two years! Our students are so excited to have pep rallies, dress-up days, a homecoming court in-person, and a dance. As we celebrate together this week, I want to remind everyone that our personal health and personal health habits are extremely important for us to be able to continue offering activities that allow our students to engage in-person. Wearing a mask, maintaining six feet of physical distance whenever possible - especially in public places, washing our hands, and not touching our faces is not only important to our own health, but to those around us. So, let us shine the love of Christ in our health protocols too!

The Pasadena Public Health Department constantly reminds us that although we are experiencing low rates of new Covid cases right now locally, this could change very quickly as flu season approaches and as the weather changes. So, it is vitally important that we continue to practice good and safe health habits.

As I was writing this yesterday, we were having a thunderstorm and periodic downpours here in Southern California - where we have had so little rain. The majesty of the rain coming down underneath the dark and ominous clouds, the terror of the thunder, and displays of lightning are but mere reflections of the power and grace of our God. I am thinking of Psalm 19:1 which states, "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork." We may not be able to see many stars at night here in the San Gabriel Valley, but He can certainly get our attention with a thunderstorm that reminds us of the great love and power of our One True God!

Happy Homecoming! Be safe and celebrate all that is good and true in our school community.
Have a blessed week,
John Rouse
Head of School