Return to Campus Updates

11-11-2020 update

Based on Tuesday's reported Covid-19 case numbers from the Health Department, Los Angeles County remains at the "Purple" (most restrictive) level. County health officials have expressed concern about a rapid increase in the number of cases they are seeing. No new protocols have been imposed, and this does not impact our school's procedures or the preparations we are making for the safe return of our students. 

You may be aware that recent legal actions resulted in allowing some CA private schools, located in other counties, to re-open. Maranatha, however, falls under LA County Health Department jurisdiction and, as such, we must comply with their protocols and eagerly await permission to re-open our campus.
We encourage you to continue to protect your family and to diligently follow health and safety guidelines to slow the spread of Coronavirus. The more each of us can do to limit our exposure to Covid-19, the more our entire community benefits.
If you have specific questions about our school's plans or response to this pandemic, you are welcome to email You may view our previous Covid-19 communications and find links to resources on our Return to Campus Updates webpage.
John Rouse
Head of School