• During scheduling, be sure to choose classes that will meet college entrance requirements.
  • Complete Naviance information
  • Take PSAT
  • September: Registration deadline for October SAT & Subject Tests (click HERE for details)
  • September: Registration deadline for the November SAT & Subject Tests; only test date for Language tests with Listening (click HERE for details)
  • Pay attention to college admission representative visits at MHS. Sign up in advance if you want to attend and speak with the representative.
  • Keep your schedule strong and work hard. The grades you earn this year will finalize the GPA with which you apply to college next fall.
  • November: Registration deadline for the December SAT & Subject Tests (click HERE for details)
  • December: Registration deadline for the January SAT (click HERE for details)
  • January: Registration deadline for the February ACT (click HERE for details)
  • February: Registration deadline for the March SAT (click HERE for details)
  • Make your final exams count. This semester will finalize your 5th semester cumulative GPA. One more semester and you will know the GPA with which you apply to college in the fall.
  • March: Registration deadline for the April ACT (click HERE for details)
  • March: Registration deadline for the May SAT & Subject Tests (click HERE for details)
  • April: Attend The Greater Los Angeles National College Fair
  • April: Registration deadline for the June SAT & Subject Tests (click HERE for details)
  • May: Registration deadline for the June ACT (click HERE for details)
  • Take AP exams in May (results arrive in July)
  • Make plans for summer college visits. If interviews are available, make an appointment. Be sure to follow visits/interviews with thank you notes.
  • Start a file of brochures and applications for schools you like.
  • Finalize plans for summer jobs, camps, and educational opportunities.
  • Read your local newspaper to find out which civic, cultural, and service organizations in your area award scholarships to graduating seniors. Start a file.