Annual Fees

Tuition does not include ancillary fees, such as the ones listed below.
  • Registration/Re-Enrollment Fee: $850
    Billed each year in February for the following school year.
  • Technology Fee: $350
    Includes iPad Protection Plan. Billed each year in August for the upcoming school year.
  • eTextbooks: $100-200
    Actual cost varies based on classes taken; the majority will be purchased by families through our online bookstore.
  • Optional Participation Fees: Varies by student
    Examples include, but are not limited to: sports participation fees are generally billed after the beginning of each season; AP test fees; clubs; labs; trips; transportation; etc. A graduation fee is billed in January of senior year.
  • Uniforms: Varies by student
    Uniforms are available for purchase from Dennis Uniform and Mills online and at the Dennis Uniform store in Los Angeles. Additionally, a Used Uniform Sale is offered each summer by our Parent Association as an alternative to purchasing new uniforms.
  • LAP (Learning Assistance Program): $750 per semester Billed at the beginning of each semester
  • Watch and Consult (part of LAP): $375 per semester Billed at the beginning of each semester