Student Ministries

Our desire is to see our students, faculty, and staff worship together with authentic devotion and heartfelt passion. This year we anchor our efforts by honoring the Apostle Peter’s admonition to produce future generations prepared to give a reason for the hope that lies within them – and to do it with conviction, gentleness, and respect (1Peter 3:15 adapted). 

At Maranatha, we see developing a Christian worldview and spiritual formation as an integral part of everything we do here. The Student Ministries Department seeks the augment the co-curricular and extra-curricular side of this endeavor through weekly chapels, mentor groups, spiritual retreats, mission trips, and service opportunities.

Chapel convenes Thursday afternoons (except when Mentor Groups meet) and provides both individual and communal opportunity to engage in the disciplines of prayer, meditation, study, service, confession, and worship in an attitude of celebration. Additionally, dynamic pastors and speakers share a Christ-centered message that invites us to live in response to the claims and callings Christ Jesus has on our lives

Mentoring allows our community the opportunity to dig deeper into faith with a trusted faculty, staff, or community mentor. Through a strong discipleship mentoring process, the hope of Jesus Christ can be shared and transferred to students that will be a foundational piece for them for the rest of their lives. Through discipleship mentoring, students take on hope through strong, lasting relationships in which God is able to pass on hope via intentional spiritual formation. 

Service Opportunities and mission trips allow us to put feet on our faith – to love God by loving those that He loves, including the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.  Local and international opportunities are readily available. Service is such a high priority at Maranatha that service hours are part of the graduation requirement.

Sharing such a deep foundation gives the Maranatha community its strength. The faculty and staff are changed lives, changing lives.



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