Parent Association

Executive Board Members 

President   Ching Chuang-Chow   626-260-7247
Board Member at Large   Ada Yeh   626-226-9347
Vice President   Heather Whyley   818-426-5510
Parent Service Program Chair   Carla Wells   626-340-9611
Treasurer   Stacey Lim   626-487-4669
Prayer & Care Chair   Lisa Vitko   626-375-2221
Hospitality Chair   Pam Hayashida   310-386-8663
Board Member At Large    Ada Yeh    626-226-9347 

Liaisons and Coordinators

Prayer & Care
Mom's in Prayer (Tuesday)   Sarah Silk   626-794-1853
Prayer Walk (Friday)   Lisa Vitko    626-375-2221
Teacher Treats Coordinator    Sara Herrick   626-351-8058
PA Fundraising
SCRIP Liaison   Robin Atallah   626-399-1075
SCRIP Coordinator   Rhonda Yen   626-297-3238
SCRIP Coordinator   Angel Ong   626-318-1589
SCRIP Coordinator   Ashley Um   213-999-4796
SCRIP Coordinator   Debbie Thornton   626-221-7838
Used Uniform Sale Coordinator 1   Leslie McWhorther   213-553-3874
Used Uniform Sale Coordinator 2   Lynn Lewis   626-399-5827
Parent Service Program
Tablecloth Coordinator   Meline Babikian   626-351-1820
PA Hospitality        
PA Hospitality Coordinator   Martha Gonzalez   562-896-4196
Teacher Appreciation Lunch Coordinator   Suzy Burkhard   626-625-4998
Teacher Appreciation Lunch Coordinator   Carla Woolfork   818-645-8480
Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator   Amy Azur   818-606-2222
Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator   Peggy Tsinoglav   626-695-6077
Christmas Celebration Week Coordinator   Ching Chuang-Chow   626-260-7247
Teacher Welcome Back Week Coordinator   Amy Azur   818-606-2222
Grandparents’ Day Coordinator        
Gala Committee Chairperson   Lisa Freer   818-433-9154
Gala Committee Chairperson    Lisa Hall   626-833-2416 
Gala Chairperson- Auction   Martha Gonzalez   562-896-4196
Gala Chairperson- Auction   Tamera Street   626-278-6328
Gala Chairperson   Darlene Scott   858-922-8751
Gala Chairperson   Larissa Althouse   626-253-3208
Gala Chairperson   Lisa Pitney    
The Event/ Admitted Student BBQ Coordinator   Kelly Diehl   626-355-8630
Fresh Start Day Coordinater 1   Fawn Zappia   626-357-2359
Fresh Start Day Coordinater 2   Stacy Birkholz   626-945-7821 
New Mothers’ Luncheon Coordinator 1   Jeanine Hernandez   626-840-1078
New Mothers’ Luncheon Coordinator 2   Anne Stuart   626-840-7986
Open House   Irene Molina   626-755-4754
Dad’s Dinner Coordinator         
Student Life 
Uprising Liaison   Courtney Gibson   626-384-8770
Uprising Coordinator   Alina Osborne    
Spiritual Life Retreat Snacks Coord   Anne Stuart   626-840-7986
ASB Coordinator and Advisor   see Lois Cronin   626-817-4093
Senior BBQs Coordinator   see Lois Cronin   626-817-4093
Senior Kickoff   see Lois Cronin    
Father Daughter Dance Liaison   see Lois Cronin    
Father Daughter Dance Coordinator   see Lois Cronin    
Father Daughter Dance Coordinator   see Lois Cronin    
Senior Girls' Tea Coordinator   Courtney Gibson   626-384-8770
Senior Girls' Tea Coordinator   Donna Rotundo   626-710-0048
Senior Guys' Event Coordinator   Courtney Gibson   626-384-8770
Freshman Class Party       
Science Fair Coordinator      
Administration Coordinator      
College and Guidance Fair Coordinator      



Organizational Chart

Click HERE to view the Parent Association Organizational Chart (PDF).



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