Parent Association

Executive Board Members 

President   Ching Chuang-Chow   626-260-7247
Board Member at Large   Ada Yeh   626-226-9347
Vice President   René Bancroft    818-209-4182
Parent Service Program Chair   Carla Wells   626-340-9611
Treasurer   Stacey Lim   626-487-4669
Prayer & Care Chair   Lisa Vitko   626-375-2221
Secretary   Natalie Oki   323-428-3278
Hospitality Chair   Paula White   626-755-3763

Liaisons and Coordinators

Prayer & Care
Care Coordinator   Lori Silao   818-425-8486
Care Coordinator   Jenny O'Malley   562-712-4350
Meals Coordinator   Heather Whyley   818-426-5510
Meals Coordinator   Tina Kane   310-701-1812
On-Campus Prayer Coord. (Friday)   Lisa Vitko   626-375-2221
Mom's in Prayer (Tuesday)   Sarah Silk   626-794-1853
Prayer Walk (Friday)   Lisa Vitko    626-375-2221
Teacher Treats Coordinator    Sara Herrick   626-351-8058
PA Fundraiser
SCRIP Liaison   Robin Atallah   626-399-1075
SCRIP Coordinator   Rhonda Yen   626-297-3238
SCRIP Coordinator   Yukiko Sakamoto   626-242-3394
SCRIP Coordinator   Ashley Um   213-999-4796
Used Uniform Sale Coordinator 1   Marylou Escobar   626-943-1812
Used Uniform Sale Coordinator 2   LaVelle Toomer   626-795-2496
Used Uniform Sale Coordinator 3   Nancy Vuong   626-379-8326
Parent Service Program
Parent Service Data Entry Coord.   Eliud Garnica   626-720-3598
Tablecloth Coordinator   Meline Babikian   626-351-1820
PA Hospitality        
PA Meeting Refreshments Liaison   Paula White   626-355-3415
Teacher Appreciation Lunch Coord.   Kristina Spencer   626-590-8429 
Teacher Appreciation Lunch Coord.   Shari Domenghini   626-695-4436
Grandparents’ Day Coordinator   Heather Whyley   818-426-5510
Back to School Picnic Coordinator   see Michelle Karim   626-817-4071
Dad’s Dinner Coord from Admissions   Kristina Spencer   626-590-8429
Open House Coordinator   Beth Knauss   626-676-9669
Fresh Start Day Coordinater 1   Fawn Zappia   626-357-2359
Fresh Start Day Coordinater 2   Rica Rudio   626-318-4615
New Mothers’ Luncheon Coordinator 1   Jeanine Hernandez   626-840-1078
New Mothers’ Luncheon Coordinator 2   Anne Stuart   626-840-7986
The Event/Admitted Students BBQ Coordinator   Kelly Diehl   626-355-8630
Student Life (ASB)
Uprising Coordinator   Lisa Netz   626-833-3399
Spiritual Life Retreat Snacks Coord   Anne Stuart   626-840-7986
ASB Coordinator   see Lois Cronin   626-817-4093
Senior BBQs Coordinator   see Lois Cronin   626-817-4093
Senior Girls' Tea Coordinator        René Bancroft    818-209-4182
Senior Guys' Event Coordinator   Courtney Gibson   626-384-8770



Organizational Chart

Click HERE to view the Parent Association Organizational Chart (PDF).



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