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  • An Al-BRIGHT Future for ASB

    Julianna O’Malley
    As she approaches the end of her second year as Director of the Associated Student Body, Mrs. Cronin has made the difficult decision to resign from said role. She initially took on the role a few weeks into her second year working at MHS, two years ago, due to the sudden leave of Mr. Kozak.
  • Maranatha’s Annual Art Show

    Mary Zhang
    Maranatha’s annual art show highlights excellent artists in the community. Students and faculty pass by the displays in the hallway, and see the pieces only briefly. The art show allows for them to look at the art longer, and in a broader range.
  • Morning Maranatha

    Episode 3 4/16/18
  • “Lights, Camera, Auction!”- Maranatha’s First Benefit Gala

    by: Julianna O'Malley '18 and Brenden Derbish '18
    Throughout the night, the 245 attendees (a sold-out crowd) experienced a night of dancing, eating, and fellowship, culminating in both a live and silent auction that all lent themselves to a lively and exciting event. In total, the event was a smashing success, with around 100,000 dollars being raised.

  • Computer Science Class Shows Interest In Robotics

    by: Benjamin Smith '18
    On March 3, 2018, Maranatha raised over $100,000 from its “Benefit Gala.” The money is supposedly used to fund Maranatha’s new Technology Integration lab. This lab, according to the Maranatha website, is a “state-of-the-art facility that will house robotics, 3D printing, VR modeling, advanced graphic design, two new computer labs, and more.” 

  • Maranatha’s Growing Computer Science Program

    by: Mary Zhang '19
    Maranatha, a school that isn’t primarily engaged in computer sciences, will actually begin to focus more on those classes starting the 2018-2019 school year. While Maranatha has always been an academically all-around school, the administrators have plans to begin enriching the technological aspect of the school. They believe that it will benefit both students and teachers alike.

  • Morning Maranatha

    Episode 2
    (Note: this is an audio only file - no video)
  • Sold Out Event Raise Money for Technology Lab

    by: Matthew Leiva '19
    Maranatha’s Benefit Gala was a successful evening as the Maranatha community came together to celebrate and support Maranatha.  The sold-out event raised over $100,000 for Maranatha’s new Technology Integration Lab that will be built this summer and ready to be used by next year.  The state-of-the-art facility will house robotics, 3D printing, VR modeling, advanced graphic design, and two new computer labs.

  • “Black Panther” review

    by: Mary Zhang '19
    Released in theatres across the U.S.on February 16, 2018, “Black Panther” has since become the fifth highest-grossing film of all time, and the highest-grossing film of 2018. It has received over $709 million in box office as of now.

  • Leaving a Legacy with A Senior Record

    by: Julianna O’Malley '18
    With the end of the year quickly approaching, talk has spread through the senior class about what to do for the infamous Senior Prank.

  • Maranatha Winter Sports CIF

    by: Matthew Leiva '19
    The Winter Sports season is finished and all of the Maranatha sports teams qualified for CIF.  This included Boys basketball, Girls basketball, Girls soccer, and Boys soccer.

  • Morning Maranatha

    by: Jake Anderson '19, Deven Holliman '19, Prescott Johnson '20
    Morning Maranatha contributors:
    Jake Anderson
    Deven Holliman
    Prescott Johnson
  • From left to right: Alison Scoon, Taylor Ota, Caroline Diehl, Caroline Tan, Tiffany Godly, and Claire White

    Leaving a Legacy of Leadership at MHS

    by: Julianna O’Malley '18
    Early Monday morning, the ASB leadership team departed in vans to Disney’s California Adventure to attend the park’s Youth Educational Services’ “Leaving a Legacy of Leadership” Conference.

  • Leaving Room for the Doubters

    by: Jake Anderson '19
    The Spiritual Life Retreat is obviously a life changing experience for most. If one is open minded and ready to listen, SLR can really change them. This past SLR in particular was special for seniors because they got to see and hear one of their favorite teachers ever, Mr. Randolph.

  • Maranatha Boys Soccer Team Off to a Red Hot Start in League

    by: Matthew Leiva '19
    The Maranatha boys soccer team has started off league with three consecutive wins.

  • Portraits And The AP Studio Art Exam

    by: Benjamin Smith '18
    In 1997, 10,012 students took the AP Studio Art test. Thirty years later, that number has more than quadrupled. Thousands of 3D and 2D artwork made through mediums such as graphic design, painting, and photography are presented to AP graders.

  • Too Much Homework!

    by: Prescott Johnson '20
    Students are trying their best to be involved in many extracurricular activities at their school. They have become involved with musical instruments, asb, sports, Ambassador Club, and many other activities. High schoolers also are pushed into taking higher level classes like AP’s...

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