Academic and School Profile

Maranatha High School is a private, comprehensive, college-preparatory co-ed Christian high school, grades 9-12 located just a few blocks from Old Town Pasadena. Our College Board Code is 052686.


Maranatha High School holds dual accreditation with Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) as well as Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Student Profile and Enrollment

Maranatha draws students from more than 70 middle schools and over 160 Christian church backgrounds. The total enrollment is approximately 680 students. The ethnic makeup of Maranatha’s student body is: African American (10%), Asian (30%), Caucasian (41%), Hispanic (12%), and Other (7%). Ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic diversity are valued at Maranatha and financial assistance is awarded to more than a quarter of our student body. 

Course Load and Class Size

The average class size is 21. The student/teacher ratio is 13:1. The standard course load for students in grades 9-11 consists of seven courses per semester; seniors may enroll in six. Every class is 55 minutes in length and meets four times per week. Class periods rotate daily to allow for chapel and an Enrichment period each week. Students take Theology classes all four years.

Graduation Requirements

A total of 260 units is required to receive a diploma including the following requirements: English (4 years), Theology (4 years), Mathematics (3 years), History (3 years), Science (3 years: at least 1 year Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, and at least 1 year Life Science, Biology, Anatomy/Physiology), Physical Education (2 years), Visual/Performing Arts (1 year), Foreign Language (2 years), Electives (4 years), Community Service (10 hours per year for grades 9 & 10, and 20 hours per year for grades 11 & 12).

AP and Honors Program

Students qualify for honors and Advanced Placement courses by demonstrating proficiency in the applicable subject area coupled with teacher recommendation and/or department recommendation. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are designated on the students' transcripts and are weighted in the calculation of the GPA. All students enrolled in an AP class are required to take the AP test. Maranatha boasts an average 82% pass rate on AP tests. In 2014, 208 students sat for 487 examinations: 74% earned a 3 or above, 47% earned a 4, and 21% earned a 5. 100 exams earned perfect scores and there were 82 AP Scholars.

Advanced Placement Courses:

Maranatha's advanced placement courses include:
Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Macroeconomics, Music Theory, Physics 1, Physics 2, Psychology,  Spanish Language, Statistics, Studio Art: Drawing, Studio Art: 2-D Design, U.S. Government & Politics, U.S. History, and World History.

Honors Courses:

Maranatha's honors courses include:
Algebra II, Art Portfolio Preparation, Biology, Chemistry, English 9 and 10, Geometry, Modern World History, Math Analysis, Painting and Drawing, and Spanish I, II and III.

College Acceptance and Matriculation

Maranatha students are accepted to a wide variety of universities and colleges including Yale, MIT, Cal Tech, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins University, Boston College, USC, Baylor, UC Berkeley, Harvey Mudd, Calvin College, Wheaton College, Seattle Pacific University, Azusa Pacific University, Vassar College, Amherst College, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Chicago, McGill University, Biola, Texas Christian University, Spelman College, to name just a few.  Approximately 85% of Maranatha High School graduates attend a four year college upon graduation and 15% attend a two year college.

Grading System

Only grades given at the conclusion of each semester are recorded on a student's transcript. The overall GPA is calculated on a four point scale. Pluses and minuses are used for a more precise indication of student performance, but are not used in calculating the GPA. Students who participate in school-sanctioned extra-curricular sports teams receive a pass/fail grade rather than a letter grade and it is not calculated into the GPA. (Approximately two-thirds of our students are involved in our Athletics Program.)



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