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The New SAT I

College Board has switched from the original two part SAT I exam, which covered critical reading skills and mathematics to a new test that will include a writing section. To prepare students for this new test, College Board has provided a sample essay question and an essay scoring guide on their website for students to practice for the new section.

For practice on multiple choice questions, try College Board’s Question of the Day.

For more study options, visit the SAT prep center.

If you have any questions about the new SAT I exam, try searching College Board’s FAQ’s.


The SAT IIs, or subject tests, are exams with a unique focus to determine a student’s knowledge in a given subject. Currently, College Board provides twenty subject tests.

These Subject Tests fall into five general subject areas:


History and Social Studies




Originally, the majority of colleges that required SAT IIs asked for three SAT II scores: one in writing, one in mathematics, and a third exam, which was up to students to choose. With the addition of a writing portion to the SAT I, the SAT II subject test in Writing will be phased out as an available test for students. Not all colleges require subject tests. To determine if any of the colleges you are applying to ask for them, please visit that college’s website.



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