Donor Stories

Rabi and Franci Maharaj

(Parents of Rena ’14, Franklin ’10,  Marissa ’07, and Davita ’04)

While driving through Pasadena this afternoon, my husband and I were reminiscing about how God led each of our four children (from 25 to 15) in a most remarkable way, especially in regards to schools. Our youngest, Rena, is currently a sophomore at Maranatha. Being in full-time Christian ministry, we called many different places our ‘home’ over the past years. My husband Rabi has been traveling worldwide for the last 40 years sharing the Gospel with different people groups in universities, public halls and churches. As he is often gone for weeks at a time, our concern has always been to make sure our children are able to attend a school which shares and supports our Biblical values and convictions while not compromising academically. We are truly thankful to have found teachers and faculty at MHS who have challenged our children to grow spiritually as well as academically. This is a partnership in the truest sense of the word. For us, giving back to MHS is a tangible sign of our partnership and a token of love for the school; a small way of saying “Thank you”. Giving builds community, and makes sure the school can continue to thrive in their mission of equipping young students academically and spiritually.

True, as missionaries, we have seen our own financial pendulum swing from panic to faith many times. The Lord often raised His people to provide the answer to our prayers in times of need.  Many have stood by us and have blessed us in different ways. But the joy of receiving cannot compare with the joy of giving. We have experienced the truth of Proverbs 11:24 over and over, “One gives freely, yet gains even more….” We have been and are still blessed by MHS and are excited to see God’s sovereign leading in Rena, our last high schooler.

Scott and Lisa Sommers

(Parents of Caroline ’15, Annie ’11, and Rachel ’09)

Each member of our family has been impacted by MHS.  Scott had the opportunity to coach and teach part time and loved interacting with such a fun and gifted group of faculty, staff, administrators, and students. Our three daughters have now graduated from MHS.  Each has been inspired in their intellectual development and has been challenged to take ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ.  They have also been given the opportunity to explore and develop their interests in the arts, athletics, and leadership.  Each of these areas of development has been guided by faculty and staff who care as much about “who” they become as “what” they become. 

Over the years we have seen how the generous donations of many individuals has allowed MHS to be a refreshingly unique and life-changing institution.  We donate both our time and our finances because we believe wholeheartedly in the entire MHS experience.  Maintaining our beautiful campus, recruiting and developing teachers and staff that inspire students academically and personally, and providing students with a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities does take significant funds.  We want to be part of continuing to make these priorities a reality.







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