Transcript Requests

Students and Alumni may request an official or unofficial copy of their transcripts through the Guidance and College Counseling Office. In order for transcripts to remain official, the Guidance and College Counseling Office will mail them directly to the requesting college or scholarship program. You may contact them at or 626-817-4031.

A student's transcript shows only the grades earned for each semester. Transcripts may also show grades for work taken in summer schools or in schools other than MHS during the school year. Grades indicating completion of off-campus coursework must be submitted to the Guidance and College Counseling Office in order to receive credit and to appear on the MHS transcript. Honors and AP courses are designated on the student's transcript and are weighted in the calculation of the GPA. Note that PE credit earned for school sanctioned sports participation is reflected on the transcript as Pass or Fail and is not calculated into the student's GPA.

Click HERE to download a copy of the Transcript Request Form.



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