Maranatha High School’s founders envisioned a school community with its traditions and philosophy rooted in the historic Christian faith, and to this day, a Maranatha High School education aspires to cultivate each student’s unique God-given talents: to inform the mind, to develop the body, and to enlighten the spirit. Through a passionate, talented faculty, a rich and varied curriculum, and the blessing of excellent facilities, Maranatha High School strives to nurture young men and women in their journey toward maturity, punctuated by personal academic excellence, self-knowledge and introspection, responsible citizenship, and a vibrant and informed faith in God.

The educational philosophy of Maranatha High School focuses on four distinctives or tools that we seek to develop in each student:

  • Christian Critical Thinking
  • Competency in the Disciplines
  • Compassion for their Community
  • Character that reflects Christ-likeness

Maranatha is an educational institution that encourages our students to be life-long learners of not only theoretical abstractions but also real life applications of the concepts taught in the classroom. Academically, our goal is twofold: to insure that our students are proficient in the academic disciplines and to challenge our students to be actively engaged in his/her pursuit of higher education.

Throughout their school experience, young people at Maranatha High School encounter opportunities to question, to reason, to think critically about life’s most essential issues, to express themselves, to discover and pursue a passion, to risk, and yes, sometimes even to fail…and yet, to learn from that failure in an environment that affirms the uniqueness of each individual. Maranatha High School students grow holistically, reflect balanced individuals, and cultivate personal strengths as scholars, artists, athletes, leaders, and servants not only to their local community but globally as well.

We also value giving our students a clear understanding of one’s self, as it relates to the development of character in the context of a Biblical worldview and becoming a contributing member to their church and the community at large. Maranatha High School’s commitment to the Christian faith is more formally advanced through Biblical literacy in the curriculum and through an open and respectful inquiry about other faiths, as we intentionally and genuinely strive to model the love of Christ for all people.

We therefore offer this summary of our educational philosophy, as a prayer:

We pray that our students will prosper from and enjoy their journey, that they will mature into adult seekers of knowledge and truth, and that they will be stewards of God’s gifts of their talents, caring for and serving the world in accordance with Christ’s example.



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