MINUTEGRAM NEWS 2013-2014 ISSUE 27 - MARCH 10, 2014

Maranatha Welcomes New Controller

As Maranatha grows, so do the complexities of our Finance Office. In a school with a budget over sixteen million dollars and countless departments, clubs, teams, and events, it takes a great deal of time and sophistication to manage all that goes on at MHS. To lend a hand to all this complexity, the Finance Office is pleased to add the position of controller to the department. The controller supervises the accounting department and assists the CFO in developing and interpreting in-depth, departmental cost breakdowns. This aids in the organization’s knowledge of where expenses and revenues are being used and can then help determine where they can best be deployed to further the mission of the school. Maranatha is thrilled to announce the selection of Phillip Tellgren to this new post.

Mr. Tellgren holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Saint Bonaventure University and has taken advanced accounting coursework at Saint John Fisher College. He is an Accounting and Finance Executive with over fifteen years of progressive financial leadership growth in the transportation, restaurant, not-for-profit, and banking industries. He has a background in computerized financial systems, process improvement, and reporting which has benefited executive leadership in the companies for which he has worked. He also comes to us highly touted for his excellent customer service as well as his interactive and relational nature.

Mr. Tellgren accepted the Lord when he was five years old and was very active in church at a young age. As an adult, he has been involved in various church ministries including men’s ministry, youth coaching, homeless outreach, and missions.  Phillip and his wife, Debbie, and daughter, Hannah, are currently active members of Leaves of Healing Tabernacle.

Besides working in the marketplace, Mr. Tellgren has seven years of experience working as a Director of Finance and Human Resources at a not-for-profit ministry. “I want to use my skills and abilities for furthering the Kingdom of God. By standing on Godly precepts, commands, and guidelines for living, we can bring the redemption story in all situations for those we work with,” he says. He is excited to be at Maranatha and explains, “I have always desired to move back into a Christian workplace to give all the glory to Jesus.” He continues, “The excellence noted in Maranatha’s education should be reflected in the excellence of the Finance Department.”

Kris Dreyer, Chief Finance and Operations Officer states, “It is great to see how God has led such a wonderful addition to our school. With Phil’s professional background and profound love of Christ and the furthering of His kingdom, we are both excited and blessed to welcome him to Maranatha. Please join me in welcoming him to our ministry as you have the opportunity to do so.”

"As we increase our commitment to being the best stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us,” adds Dr. Gyertson, “the position of Controller gives us the ability to better track expenditures in a cost accounting context so that we can compare our expenditures to other institutions. These 'key performance indicator' measures are an essential component of the enhanced assessment requirements of accreditation, as well as responding to the anticipated increases in external agency monitoring, helping us demonstrate good stewardship in our important efforts". 



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