Limited Opportunity to Join NHS

Applications to join the National Honor Society will only be available for a limited time.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationally recognized organization which serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Students who are members of NHS for 3 years will receive Honors at graduation and are recognized by wearing a stole and receiving a seal on their diploma. Two-year members receive Honors at graduation and wear a double cord, and one-year members receive Honors at graduation and wear a single cord. Membership in NHS provided opportunities for service and outreach regularly, Information to Leadership opportunities via the NHS website, and information in crafting essays and applications for colleges, and other service awards.
The qualifications listed below are a minimum, and meeting them DOES NOT guarantee admittance in the MHS Chapter of the National Honor Society.
  • Attending school in grades 10-12
  • Minimum and unweighted cumulative grade point average of 3.2
  • Demonstrating volunteer or service hours
  • Demonstrated understanding of personal strength skill sets
  • Preserving an excellent record of behavior in and out of school
  • Currently participating in leadership roles in school and/or community activities or planning on roles this school year.
Mr. Sanderson and Ms. Fowler, the Advisors of Chapter 34658, would like to extend the yearly open application to all 10-12 grade students beginning on September 20, with the firm deadline of 11:55 pm on September 29.  
It is important for all Maranatha students and families to understand the difference between NHS and NSHSS since there is a very large distinction between the two organizations.
What you should know:

The National Honor Society (NHS) was founded in 1921 by the Association of High School Principals. This is a non-profit organization focused on recognizing High School Students who demonstrate Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service to our Global Society.

National Society High School Scholars (NSHSS), is a for-profit company that will contact students nationally, via mail and/or email, asking for “fees” to join. Once you pay to join, the company provides information about scholarships at a cost, attending workshops at a cost, and seminars at a cost. NHS is not affiliated with this company in any way, nor does Maranatha High School allow NSHSS purchased regalia to be worn at Graduation.

If you have any additional questions regarding the application or general information for NHS, please reach out to us: or