Identities and How to Honor God

In last week's chapel, faculty member Devin Douglass spoke about the gaining and losing of identities and the ever-evolving growth found within them.
Continuing with our chapel series topic "Identity", it was Mrs. Douglass' privilege to share with the Maranatha students her own various identities. While preparing the message, Mrs. Douglass decided to tie in the aspect of how each of our identities should honor God. She wanted to remind and challenge the students that God gives us opportunities to honor him, and while being a part of such an influenced culture, our hearts should want to honor God. Reassuring the students that not even she can honor God with “every” single action of her everyday life, she reminded them that our heart's intentions are what matters most.

Mrs. Douglass' favorite quote, found while she was studying honor, was from Pastor Steve Smothermon, "To the level you honor God, is to the level of value you place on Him." Mrs. Douglass’ prayer for Maranatha students is that they would honor God in each of their identities, such as students, performers, athletes, friends, and ultimately believers.