The Extraordinary Work of Maranatha’s AP Capstone Students

At the end of April, our AP Research students will be in the spotlight when they present and defend their research. 
The AP Capstone Program, which began at Maranatha in the Fall of 2019, consists of two AP courses:  AP Seminar and AP Research. These courses demonstrate the scholarly capabilities of our students, and as a college preparatory school, it is good to highlight the work of these students. When they return from Easter break, the AP Research Students will give their Presentations and Oral Defense (POD), which is a 15 minute presentation of their scholarly research and a short oral defense. Their presentation is worth 25% of their AP score. Here are the topics these seniors will be presenting: 
  • Overpaid and Overused: A Data Analysis of Contracts in Major League Baseball Examining Their Effectiveness (Trent Reimers)
  • Matches in the Writing Room: A Meta-Analysis of Relationship Portrayal in TV Shows and Their Contribution to the Female Character (Harper Tzou) 
  • How Adolescents on a High School Campus Perceive Race in Their Peers (Finn Andrews) 
  • Ethnic Identity in Yonsei & Gosei Generations of Japanese Americans (Kamryn Asaoka) 
  • Narcissism in the Present Western Society and Education (Samanatha Chi) 
  • Personality Types, Exercise, and Music: A Study of Workout Efficiency in Relationship to Music (Cross Garabedian) 
  • Causes of Chinese International Student Stereotypes (Jessica Tang)
  • A Glimpse into Fast Fashion Instagram Marketing: A Case Study of Fast Fashion Brand SHEIN (Karina Jose) 
  • The Change in Californians’ Perspectives of South Korean Society And Culture After Parasite and Squid Game (Brian Yu) 
  • Archetypes and Their Preference for Stories (Abigail Scheidler) 
  • Plague Inc.: The Role of Video Games in Raising Pandemic Awareness (Samuel Li)
  • Chinese vs Chinese-American Parenting Styles and the Effect on Motivation in Students (Jerry Liu)