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01-06-2021 update

It was great to speak to students, faculty, and staff yesterday, as we held our first Community time of the Spring semester. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring challenges to us as we look to open our campus for classroom instruction. Following the holidays, the COVID-19 numbers remain high in all measurable categories, the most significant being the ICU bed availability in LA County hospitals. 
During these first two weeks of the semester, it is critical for each of us to practice safe health protocols individually, within our families, with friends, and within our school community. This includes wearing a mask when interacting with people outside our homes, maintaining physical distance, and washing our hands routinely throughout the day. With the virus surging, the possibility for exposure is at a high level when we are not at home or school. There have been no changes to the health orders that impact schools. While we still do not know when we will receive health department approval to re-open our campus, we each need to continue to take precautions so we are healthy and prepared once permission is granted.
The scheduled announcement from CIF did not provide any additional information on the possibility of athletics moving toward competition. Athletic practices resumed on Tuesday, January 5, and remain in Phase One (conditioning). Once the school has had time to evaluate the decisions made by CIF, plans for moving forward with athletics will be announced.
As the semester progresses, we will continue to monitor the pandemic through information and guidelines provided to us by our local public health agencies. Please remember that following the school’s protocols is a strong line of defense to protect each other and to ensure the health and safety of our campus. We also have our first line of defense, which is prayer. Pray for wisdom in our actions, and wisdom for our public health officials. Pray for God to intervene in this pandemic to heal the sick, protect the vulnerable from this virus, and to give us the strength to persevere through these challenging times. Together, we can change the world through prayer! Let us continue to lift one another up and make wise choices to demonstrate the strength of our community, based on faith in Christ and loving one another!
If you have specific questions about our school's plans or response to this pandemic, please email them to We will provide another update, along with any additional information or announcements, on Wednesday, January 13. We are excited to have our students back in classes, re-establishing the daily routines with our new class schedule, and to the “normal” life of school online.
Be safe! Be prayerful!
John Rouse
Head of School