International Homestay Program

Provided for I-20 and Green Card students

Maranatha features a unique school-managed International Student Homestay Program. Students live with our experienced, caring and supportive American families, experiencing cultural immersion and a home environment conducive for learning. As a result of the homestay experience, our students gain confidence and develop socially and emotionally, enabling them to thrive during their high school years.

Homestay families provide:
  • A warm supportive environment
  • Transportation to and from school, school events, and social activities
  • Explanation of local cultural differences and Western education standards
  • Support for academics and outside tutoring if needed
  • 3 meals a day
  • Optional weekly church attendance with their family

Host families are carefully screened before being accepted to our Homestay Program
Required of all applicants:
  • Background check
  • Driving record check
  • TB test
  • Application and Recommendation letters
  • Home-site visit and interview
  • Orientation and training 2 times per year
Maranatha does not discriminate based on ethnicity, race, or income when selecting host families.

Students fill out a questionnaire to facilitate matching with host families. Questions include information on:
  • Allergies or special diet needs
  • Preferences for pets, children, etc.
  • Preference for a quiet or lively home environment

Our Homestay Coordinator in charge of the Homestay Program:
  • Selects the host family for each student
  • Provides cultural training
  • Is available to international students on a daily basis on campus
  • Receives monthly feedback from host families
  • Visits the home each semester to meet with students and families
  • Address concerns and assists in adjustments
  • Provides semester reports to parents
An international parent may request that their student lives with them or with a close relative in the area. If our administration approves this arrangement, the family will not pay the regular homestay fee. Instead, an advising and support fee of $2,500 is added to the Tuition and Fees for the 10 months of the academic year.

Are you interested in hosting an international student?
Contact our International Student Interim Co-Director/Homestay, Angeline Chew, at