International Homestay Program

Provided for I-20 and Green Card Students

One of the unique features of Maranatha’s International Student Program is our Homestay Program. We find that when international students live with our American families, they grow through the cultural immersion and find the home environment conducive for learning and a more focused social and emotional support for thriving as a student at Maranatha High School.

Homestay Families Provide:
  • A warm supportive environment
  • Transportation to and from school, school events, and necessary shopping
  • 3 meals a day
  • Optional Weekly church attendance with their family
  • Support for academic, emotional, and social needs (tutoring occurs outside host family responsibility)
  • Explanation of cultural differences and western education standards
Host families are carefully screened and selectively matched with our international students:
  • LiveScan background check
  • Driving record
  • TB test
  • Application Recommendation letters
  • Home visit and interview
  • Orientation training 2 times per year
  • No discrimination based on ethnicity, race, or income
Students fill out a questionnaire to aid in the best match with host families including question such as:
  • Allergies or special diet needs
  • Preferences for pets, children, etc.
  • Preference for quiet or lively home environment
Our Homestay Coordinator:
  • Selects the host for each student
  • Provides cultural training
  • Is available to international students on a daily basis
  • Receives monthly feedback from host families
  • Visits the home each semester to meet with students and families
  • Processes concerns and assists in adjustments
An international student family may request that their student live with them or with a relative in the U.S. If our administration approves this arrangement, the family will not pay the regular homestay fee. Instead, an advising and support fee of $3,500 is added to the Tuition and Fees for the 10 months of the academic year.