1:1 iPad eLearning Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When does my student receive the Mini iPad?

All MHS students have an iPad specifically assigned to them. In order to make sure that students have their iPads in time to download their texts and complete assignments from the first day of school, we encourage families to pick up their child’s iPad prior to the school year.  All MHS summer school students already have their iPads for the 2016-2017 school year.  Freshmen will receive their iPads during Freshmen Orientation in August. 

All students will need to have their Agreement Summary from the last page of the eLearning Student Handbook signed by their parent before an iPad can be distributed to them. Click HERE to view and sign the eLearning Student Handbook. It may also be found on the MHS website's Quicklinks>Forms and Documents page.

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Why is it necessary to implement a 1:1 program and eLearning program?

The program will create a culture of innovation by enhancing teaching and learning and preparing students for college. It also will cultivate a 21st Century learning environment. “iPads enable students to kinesthetically connect with their work… as well as provide increasingly interactive and immersive apps, facilitate hands-on learning” (Daccord, 2012, p. 3). “iPad supports essential skill areas — complex communication, new media literacy, creativity, and self-directed learning” (Daccord, 2012). Click the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS4rqd9Zp9E       (back to top)


Can my student bring his/her own device and use that in the classroom instead of the iPad Mini?

No.  It is important that we have consistency in the devices the students will be using in order to provide effective technical support and ensure compatibility and accessibility to all required educational resources.     (back to top)


Will my student be given a case with the Mini iPad?

Yes, a protective cover will be provided and required.    (back to top)


What are some of the benefits to a 1:1 iPad program and e-Resources?

  • “Students can take pictures, record audio, and shoot video, in any number of places. They can tell multimedia stories, screencast how to solve math problems, create public service announcements, …simulate virtual tours” (Daccord, 2012, p. 3)
  • Allows teachers and students to connect, share information and collaborate more effectively in and out of the classroom
  • Improves classroom management of time and space (Daccord, 2012).
  • Reduces worksheets, hand-outs, school supplies, paper books, paper textbooks, & homework sheets
  • The need for copiers and printers will be reduced and maintenance costs will be reduced (Hand outs are one of the top costs for paper in schools)
  • Inspires students to become responsibly involved and active in learning
  • Creates a blended learning environment where differentiation and higher order thinking occurs
  • Teachers and students can immediately access curriculum, information, announcements and literature electronically
  • All books can be easily stored on the iPad in the iBook's library
  • Students will have access to the purchased as well as the thousands of free books available at any time.
  • Less time students spend around lockers equals more class time
  • eBooks will relieve the stress of heavy backpacks
  • Many eBooks offer interactive options for varied learning styles
  • Maranatha will be saving trees and money by helping to reduce the manufacturing of paper
  • iCloud allows for more delivery options, access from anywhere you go and storage space     (back to top)


Does my student own the Mini iPad?

No, your student is allowed usage of the iPad Mini.    (back to top)


Will they be able to take it home every night/weekend?

They will be able to take it home every night and weekend of the school year provided they follow established school policies.    (back to top)


Will they be able to purchase it?  If so, when and for how much?

At the end of the school year seniors will be able to purchase their iPad at-or-below current market value for a similar device.    (back to top)


Is my student expected to know how to use it?

Yes. Training for new students will take place puring freshman orientation.  Current students are welcome to come with any questions to the Tech Support Center at any time during the school year.    (back to top)


How much will this program cost?

There will be a student technology fee of $255 per year per student, which includes:

    • Technology support and maintenance
    • Network access
    • Usage of iPad
    • Infrastructure support and improvements
    • Instructional technology advances
    • Mobile device management system
    • Access to virtual databases
    • Device conternt filter     (back to top)


Is this fee split into payments like my tuition, or due all at once?

The student technology fee will be billed in July as a one-time annual fee.    (back to top)

What happens if my student’s iPad gets lost, stolen, or broken?

Insurance is included in the student technology fee mentioned above, and provides coverage against damages. There is no insurance available to cover lost or stolen devices.    (back to top)


Can my student use their iPad for personal use and install other Apps on the device?

Students may use their iPads for personal use provided they follow the school’s policy and code of conduct.    (back to top)


Can my student use their iPad to text, Facetime, Skype, and access other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Our school firewall in conjunction with our tudent content filter will prevent access to social sites during school hours.  Students will be able to use some designated sites for connecting, sharing information and collaborating with other Maranatha school community members.  However, there are specific websites and social media forums that will not be permitted across the school (please refer to the current school year's Student Handbook for the acceptable usage policies and procedures).    (back to top)

What are the consequences for misuse of the iPad?

Inappropriate material defined in the Code of Conduct or other offenses will not be tolerated. Consequences for inappropriate actions and content are outlined in the eLearning Student Handbook.    (back to top)


What if I do not allow my student to access certain websites... will I be able to block them from their iPad?

No.  We can accept recommendations.  However, the network administrator will block most websites of concern and all action on the iPads will be monitored.  Also, teachers will be using Apps that give them control over the students’ iPads in that particular class and what sites they are able to access.  While 100% blocking is unattainable regardless which tool is being used, teachers and students will be fully informed of the expectations of the school community and will be accountable for upholding the rules and regulations that are put in place.    (back to top)


As a parent, will I be able to monitor or restrict what my student does on their iPad?

No.  We can accept recommendations, but the restrictions will not be customized by individuals, but as a student body.    (back to top)


Do you have appropriate use policies and discipline procedures in place for student technology use?

Yes. It will be provided in the Student Handbook and made available on our website.    (back to top)


If all iPads and covers are the same, how will students easily differentiate their iPads so they do not get easily misplaced or accidentally taken?

It is important that the students keep track of their iPads. We do not want the students to rely on familiar covers or tags for identification that will create complacency and potential theft due to lack of awareness for their iPads. The covers must be used at all times, but if the parents or students want to place some form of tag or tape on the cover that will not damage it, that is permissable. The replacement cost for the cover is $50, so any permeant marks or damage will result in the assessment of a replacement fee for the cover.    (back to top)


Are book fees included in the $255 technology fee?  If not, what can I expect to pay for e-textbooks per year?  Will I own the e-textbooks I buy?

No, book fees are not included in the school technology fee. Book fees are a separate cost which are estimated at $350.00 per student for all course eResource packages including: eTextbooks, eBooks, Apple Apps, Google Apps for Education, educational programs, and all supplemental electronic materials. The students will own the eResources that they purchase which will also be stored on their respective account.    (back to top)


If, in past years, we purchased a physical book for a class that is now required as an eBook, do we need to buy the book again in eBook format?

Yes. All students should ideally be equally prepared for class. We are encouraging everyone to purchase the required eBooks for each course. The physical book is obviously useful but due to our transition to eTexts and eResources, the student may not be properly prepared for class without the electronic version. Teachers will be planning assignments that they may require the eBook to complete. Not-to-mention that the student may constantly struggle to figure out how to complete tasks accurately due to the differences in the numbering of pages and sometimes content arrangement between the paperback and electronic version. Exceptions are only considered for students who need relevant physical or learning accommodations.    (back to top)


Will headphones be provided?

Due to personal hygiene concerns, students will be responsible for their own headphones, if needed.    (back to top)


If my student wanted to more easily take notes with their iPad Mini, can we request or purchase a keyboard/cover for it?

Students must use the provided cover.    (back to top)


Approximately how long does the battery last in an iPad Mini?  What if my student's iPad Mini battery runs out during the instructional day?

Devices should maintain enough charge for one full school day, but of course battery life varies by use and configuration.  It will be expected that students charge their iPad Minis at night for the next day.  All devices should reach a 100% charge level after 6 hours. Students will be expected to be prepared for class every day with a fully charged iPad.    (back to top)


Will they be able to charge the iPad mini during or after school?  Where?

No, the students will be expected to arrive to school with iPads fully charged for the school day.    (back to top)


If I have other questions, who should I contact?

Please contact:

Tim Parent

Director of Technology

P: (626) 817-4084


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