At Maranatha, we view our faculty not only as those who develop and teach the curriculum, but as the “living curriculum”. Faculty members lead clubs, mentor, coach, and tutor students on a daily basis and embody our Christ-centered mission in each student interaction. Faculty members are highly educated and credentialed in their fields and yet the requirements for Maranatha faculty extend well beyond the resume. MHS staff are known to hold an intentional Christian faith and strong relational ability that inspire growth, character development, and wisdom in and out of the classroom. We are proud to highlight our outstanding faculty here. (Please click on each name to read their bios below.)  Click HERE for the Faculty phone and email directory.


Algebra 2/Trig, AP Statistics, Honors Geometry

Ms. Albright is full of passion, not only for teaching, “but a desire to make learning math fun for students, to help them see the beauty of the subject and how we can use it to study God’s creation.” She holds a BA in Mathematics and a California Teaching Credential in Mathematics from Azusa Pacific University. She has experience teaching in a private Christian school and has also worked as an Educational Therapist. “In order for students to make connections from math to other areas of life, I bring in real world examples to the classroom, purposefully connecting the material to the lives and cares of the students.”

    BAKER, DANIEL • English/ Learning Assistance Specialist/ Theology

Composition, English Literature, Learning Assistance, Theology

Mr. Baker holds a BA in Writing from Azusa Pacific University and a MA in Humanities and Social Thought – Cross Cultural Communications from New York University. He has over four years of teaching and tutoring experience and also works as an adjunct college professor of English, where his courses focus on the intersection of faith, literature, and writing. In his graduate work he specialized in identifying Biblical truth and its impact on the lives of secular writers, as well as the failings of false religions. He states, “My hope is to strengthen the faith of students and to equip them to face the challenges of the world as victors in Christ.”

    BARNHART, DIANE • Visual Arts Chair/ Theology

A.P. Studio Art - Traditional, Honors Painting and Drawing, Honors Portfolio Preparation, Theology and the Arts

Ms. Barnhart has a B.A. in Art from California State University, Sacramento and a M.A. in Christian Education from Denver Theological Seminary. She has been teaching at Maranatha over twenty years. She also has experience in the public sector and as a freelance artist. Ms. Barnhart is the Art Club Advisor and European Arts Trip Leader. "As Christians," she says, "we should have a greater understanding of where creativity originated since we know the Creator. It is a joy to help students discover the creativity within them and guide them toward growing this skill and giving their talents back to God as an act of worship."

    BLESSINGER, JEREMIAH • Theater/ Yearbook

Theater 1, Theater 2, Theater 3, Theater Director, Yearbook

Our Theater Director, Jeremiah Blessinger, has a decade of teaching experience in the Christian high school setting as well as over 15 years of professional film and theatrical experience as a screenwriter and assistant director for various L.A. theater companies. Mr. Blessinger graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. He considers it a blessing and a joy to be able to openly guide students in their pursuit of faith at Maranatha, noting that “Biblical truths bleed into everything we do. Through faith we can help students see who they are and how they value themselves, and also give them the courage and confidence to pursue the arts."


A.P. Spanish, Honors Spanish 2, Spanish 1, Spanish 3

Ms. Breitenbucher has been teaching at the university level for more than fifteen years and has taught in three different countries including Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. She holds a degree in Humanities, with an emphasis in Spanish Literature and Pedagogy from the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, a B.A. in French from L'Aliance Française in Argentina; a M.A. in Spanish Language and Spanish and Latin American Literature from the University of California, Riverside, and is in the final stages of her doctorate. Ms. Breitenbucher is "thrilled to work at Maranatha, where I experience students’ daily excitement and love, and where I have the opportunity to give them back God’s love through my humble dedication."

    BUCKOWSKI, MICHELLE • Social Science Department Chair/ Social Science

AP Macro Economics, AP Government, AP U.S. History

Ms. Buckowski is passionate about education and has fifteen years of teaching experience including both middle school and high school. Ms. Buckowski has a B.A. in History and Political Theory from U.C. San Diego with a Minor in Cognitive Science Writing, an M.A. in Journalism from USC, and a Teaching Credential in Social Studies and English and a Master in Secondary Education from Mt. Saint Mary’s College. She is also an Advanced Placement Essay Reader for the College Board in History. “Social Science is the toolbox for being active in society. It’s the way we help students look at the moral compass of the country and make a difference by advocating change,” she states.

    CHAN, MONICA • Math

Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Calculus, Honors Algebra 2

Ms. Chan has over twenty years of teaching experience. She holds multiple degrees including a degree in Education and a Teaching Credential from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore; a B.S. in Pure Mathematics from the University of New South Wales in Australia; an M.A. in Education with an emphasis on Multicultural Teaching Strategies and Structure, and a Preliminary Single Subject California Teaching Credential in Mathematics from National University. Ms. Chan is multi-lingual, speaking English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew), Japanese, and Malay. She has taught in three different countries including Singapore, Australia, and the United States. She is excited to be at Maranatha and says, “As an educator, I not only want to pass on mathematical knowledge to my students, but also my love for God. I want my students to develop great personality, integrity, and good moral values so as to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    CHANG, JENNIE • Languages

Mandarin 1, Mandarin 3

Ms. Chang immigrated to the U.S. and had to learn English as a second language. In teaching Mandarin here at Maranatha, she says, “I completely understand the commitment needed to learn a new language. I also know that languages are not learned by memorization but by application. Chinese is a difficult language to learn, but it is filled with beauty and is a robust language to use in communication and expression.” She is thrilled to be able to take what she’s learned (both academic and life lessons) and share them with her students. “Faith is a way of life and language is a medium of communicating in daily life. Both naturally go hand in hand.”  Ms. Chang holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

    CHUNG, SHARON '02 • Languages/ Social Science

American Sign Language 1, American Sign Language 2, American Sign Language 3, Psychology

Mrs. Chung holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Clinical Psychology both from Vanguard University of Southern California. Mrs. Chung has experience teaching as well as a background in both Clinical Psychology and ABA psychology. She has been able to utilize her ASL (American Sign Language) skills, that she originally learned while a student at Maranatha, in all of her previous jobs in various capacities. Sharon loves working at a Christian school and shares, "I love being able to talk about my faith with my coworkers and students and be able to pray with them. You can see God in everything that we do here at MHS and it is my goal as a teacher to let His message and love shine through everyday to my students."

    CRONIN, LOIS • Social Science

A.P. World History, Honors Modern World History, Modern World History

“Teaching history is more than just regurgitating facts,” says Mrs. Cronin, “but looking at history from a different vantage point, to put puzzle pieces together.” She is well-qualified for the subject as she holds a B.A. in History and a California Teaching Credential in Secondary Social Studies from Cal State University Northridge. In addition, she is an Advanced Placement Essay Reader for the College Board in History. She strives to teach students to think critically and see the world on a bigger scope. One of her favorite aspects of history is military history including strategy and modern world war.

    CROSS, PENNY • Social Science

U.S. Geography, U.S. History and Geography, U.S. Government

Mrs. MacLaren-Cross has a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts, a Teaching Credential in History, and work toward a Master’s in Education from Regent University (Virginia Beach). She is an experienced History teacher and also has experience working with youth in residential treatment. Mrs. MacLaren-Cross is passionate about all History, especially the history of our nation. She especially enjoys teaching about the World Wars and the great changes that took place in our nation at the turn of the century.

    FOWLER, DIANNA • Learning Assistant Specialist/ Languages

French 1, French 2, French 3, French 4, Learning Assistance

Dianna Fowler serves as our French instructor in our Languages Department.  Ms. Fowler has over twenty years of experience in Christian education.  She has extensive teaching experience along with over five years of administrative experience. Ms. Fowler has a B.A. in French from Mount Saint Mary’s College. “At Maranatha,” she says, “we are able to make an impact on students’ character by speaking Christ’s words, and by putting them in action. I enjoy working in a Christ-centered school because it gives me the ability to surround myself with opportunities to live out the message of Christ.”

    GRADWOHL, ANNA • Dance

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Dance

Mrs. Gradwohl has over 18 years of dance performance experience, as well as extensive experience in teaching and choreography of a variety of dance styles. She received her B.A. in Dance Performance from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. Mrs. Gradwohl is passionate about dance and truly sees it as worship. She explains, “Dance creates an area where students can form explicit integration with their faith. This integration may take the form of liturgical worship dance, or it may create the meaning behind any style of dance. Dance allows students to express their faith physically. (Psalm 149:3)”

    HAMPTON, CHARLES • Social Science

Economics, Modern World History, U.S. Government

Charles Hampton instructs U.S. Government, Modern World History, and U.S. Government. Mr. Hampton enjoys working at Maranatha because; “A Christian school provides a community and environment for students that helps shield them from the lies that they encounter on a daily basis. A Christian school, filled with faithful students and teachers, can help teach students how to live in the world and yet not be of the world.“ Mr. Hampton has a B.A. in History from Westmont College and a Master’s in Teaching with a California Teaching Credential from Point Loma Nazarene University. Before joining Maranatha, Mr. Hampton taught in local public high schools.

    HARRIS, SHAWN • Math

Algebra I, Geometry

Mr. Harris holds a BA in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Mathematics from Cal Poly, Pomona. Mr. Harris has a special love for math and likes to help see people beyond just the equations. “I do like trying to get the students to look at Algebra and Geometry problems as puzzles waiting to be solved. With a little diligence and probing any question about our universe can be answered through Mathematics.” As an alumnus of Maranatha, Mr. Harris enjoys bringing the foundation he received into his own classroom. “As Christians we are charged with a standard of living that exemplifies service and love for one another, if a teacher conducts their classroom in a way that glorifies the Lord through these commandments, then no matter what the subject matter God’s love will shine through.”

    HARRISON, CLEONIE • Languages

Honors Spanish 1, Honors Spanish 3, Spanish 2

Mrs. Harrison has a B.A. in Spanish from Cal Poly University, Pomona, a Masters in Education from Azusa Pacific University, and is in the process of completing her Teaching Credential. She has been at Maranatha for eight years and has experience teaching at the college level and interpreting for the deaf in the public school system. "The ministry of transformation that takes place at Maranatha is what God has called me to be a part of here. It is not only about educating young minds but it is about building the Kingdom of God and allowing His Spirit to mold us into the servants and children God has called us to be."

    JANG, DR. ALLEN • Science

Anatomy and Physiology, Honors Biology, Physics

Dr. Jang has over thirty-five years of experience in primary, secondary and university-level education. He has served in both Christian and public schools as faculty, principal, vice-principal, and counselor. He has a passion for science and has started an annual science fair at every school he has worked at including Maranatha. Dr. Jang has training in both the Western and Eastern sciences which he shares in the classroom including such practices as acupuncture and Tai Chi. His is also a university instructor in Theology and Science, a licensed pastoral counselor, and hospital chaplain. He holds many degrees including a B.A. in Religion and a M.A. in Pastoral Counseling from Pepperdine University, a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Religious Education from Columbia Pacific University, and an N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy) from Trinity College of Natural Health. “After I became a Christian as an adult, I looked back on my years of questioning, searching, and puzzlement as a teenager raised in Buddhism and Taoism.  It has been my life-long goal ever since to make a difference in young people's lives by broadening their horizons so that they may see Jesus, too.” 

    JOHANSEN, KRISTEN • English/ Social Science

English 9, English Literature, Psychology

Mrs. Johansen has eight years of experience in the classroom and has been at Maranatha for four years. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Mrs. Johansen loves opening up new worlds through literature and believes that, “teaching literature opens up many opportunities to discuss who God created each one of us to be, and how to navigate this life understanding what the world asks of us without sacrificing God's calling for our lives. It is a blessing to be used to speak into the lives of young people, and God has given me so many amazing students that show me His love every day.”

    KOZAK, STEVEN • Dean of Spiritual Life and Student Leadership/ Theology

Apologetics, New Testament Theology, Student Leadership, Theology Practices

Mr. Kozak holds a BA in Social Science from Michigan State University, a MA in apologetics from Biola University, and a Master of Theological Studies from Moody Theological Seminary. He has six years of experience in a private Christian high school as a Theology teacher, Department Chair, and Director of Spiritual Life.  He is also a published author and part-time college professor. “There is nothing that captivates, motivates, or drives me and my family more than the mission of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, “in the classroom,” he notes, “I am incredibly passionate about teaching students not just about God, but allowing them the opportunity to experience Him in a very real and tangible way. I want them to be prepared when they walk out the door to be solid Christians ready to take on the world for Jesus.”

    LAYTON, JAMES • Theology Chair/ Theology

Jesus and the Gospels

Mr. Layton has a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and a B.A. in English from the University of Delaware. He has eight years teaching experience in private schools. Mr. Layton enjoys being involved in both local and international student outreaches and student clubs. “When I was in high school I found purpose and identity in Christ because teachers and youth workers had the courage share their faith and their lives with me. I teach because I want to be the same beacon of hope for my students that my teachers were for me.”

    MARTINEZ, DAVID '05 • English

English Literature, Honors Composition

Mr. Martinez is an alumnus of Maranatha High School. He holds a B.A. in English and Comparative Literary Studies from Occidental College. He has been teaching at Maranatha for three years and has been an active cross country and track coach for four years. “Working at a Christ-centered high school like Maranatha has allowed me to help my students tackle the hard questions presented in literature by honestly exploring how we as people respond to these issues. By integrating faith into the discussion, we can incorporate such a fundamental part of our worldview and life into our education.”

    MARTINEZ, TIFFANY • Social Science/ Theology

A.P. Psychology, New Testament, Sociology

Mrs. Martinez loves to help people learn and has gifts for teaching. She loves being able to understand a concept and explain it in multiple ways. She holds a B.A. in Russian from USC, a M.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Theology and Ministry both from Fuller Seminary. There are so many explicit and implicit ways to integrate faith in the classroom, explains Mrs. Martinez. “Explicitly the subjects I teach lend so many ways to talk specifically about faith in class, and implicitly, I strive to be a blessing to these students and help them make their faith their own.”

    MC ALEESE, NATHAN • Theology

Missiology, Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology

Mr. McAleese is pleased to be able to prepare students for the way they will have to think about faith in college. He has experience teaching Old Testament, Life Science, and PE as well as serving as the Director of Student Life and Ministry. He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies with a Minor in Biology and a M.A. in Theology with a Biblical Studies Emphasis from Azusa Pacific University. He particularly loves narrative theology – the “story”. He enjoys looking at characters and their flaws as well as teaching the historical background and what things mean.

    MESISCA, PAT '92 • Theology/ English

Beginning Speech and Debate, Advanced Speech and Debate, Jesus and the Gospels, World Religions

Mr. Mesisca graduated from Maranatha and has been teaching here for over fifteen years. He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Biola University, a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology from Talbot School of Theology. Mr. Mesisca established Maranatha’s award-winning Speech & Debate team and also oversees the school’s Chess Club. In his spare time, he is the head preaching and worship pastor of Christ's Church in Baldwin Park. He has authored a Christian apologetics textbook entitled, "Constructing A Christian Worldview". He states, "I have a passion for finding answers to life's toughest questions and providing young people with the resources to build a solid Christian worldview that will stand for eternity.  I seek to model and encourage others to be obedient to the mandate in 1 Peter 3:15 - "to always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have, but do so with gentleness and respect." 

    MOSCOSO, MARIA • Languages

Spanish 1

Spanish is Ms. Moscoso’s first language. She feels it is important to know a second language, stating it brings “more opportunities with employment and to get to know others and reach out to them for Christ.” Ms. Moscoso has eight years of experience in the school setting in both after school care and in teaching Spanish and Special Education. She not only loves to teach her subject, but loves being a role model for the students and making an impact on them. Ms. Moscoso holds a B.A. in Business from the University of Phoenix and is in process of achieving her M.A. in Psychology.


Honors Geometry, Honors Math Analysis, Statistics

Mrs. Nahigian holds a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University as well as a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. As a graduate of Maranatha, she returned last year to join our faculty. Mrs. Nahigian summarizes her role in the Math Department by saying, “Galileo once said that ‘Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.’ Working at Maranatha provides me with the perfect opportunity to share not only my love for the Lord but also the passion I have for math. Finding ways to integrate the two is a fascinating journey and Maranatha provides an atmosphere for students to explore their faith through the eyes of math.”

    NEWKIRK, ED • Science

Anatomy and Physiology, A. P. Biology, Honors Biology

Mr. Newkirk has taught, coached, mentored at, and seen his four children graduate Maranatha over the last thirty years. “Maranatha is a unique place where we have great families with great kids coming together and where teachers and coaches have the opportunity to be the "living curriculum". God has called me to Maranatha and I love teaching here!” He has a B.A. in Physical Education from Biola University with a Minor in Bible, a M.S. in Exercise Physiology from California State University Fullerton, and a California State Teaching Credential in Physical Education with a Supplemental Certificate in Biology and Life Sciences. Mr. Newkirk has also coached and taught for a number of years at the university level.

    OCON, JENESSA • Science

Biology, Chemistry

Ms. Ocon holds a B.S. in Biology from Azusa Pacific University. She has a passion for conservation ecology, specifically studying endangered species and field biology. Ms. Ocon feels that God has given her a calling for science. She loves learning about nature and how things work and feels the study shows us how amazing God is.


    PARKER, GREG • Physical Education/ Theology

New Testament Theology, Swim

As a pastor, professor, and chaplain, Mr. Parker is thrilled to use his gifts at MHS. Mr. Parker has a B.A. in Religious Studies from Cal State University Northridge and a Master of Divinity from Fuller Seminary. He is also an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church USA. He has lived in the Middle East and while in Lebanon he taught Old and New Testament survey classes at the university level. He shares, “I have to say that I love the historical context of the Bible. Having lived in the Middle East I love looking at the way the world was (and in some ways still is) and bringing that context into the study of Scripture. I love opening up Scripture with students and walking with them as we struggle through various passages and then watching them 'get it' as we go.” In addition, Mr. Parker enjoys swimming and swims competitively for the Masters Team at the Rose Bowl.

    PELLETIER, SANDY • Math Chair/ Math

A.P. Calculus AB, A.P. Calculus BC, Math Analysis

Mrs. Pelletier has over thirty-five years teaching experience at the high school and university level and has been at Maranatha for over twenty years. She serves as our Math Department Chair and sponsors the American Math Contest and the Math Club at Maranatha each year. She holds a B.A. in Physical Science with a Concentration in Mathematics from Vanguard University as well as a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. “I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Math at a variety of institutions and at all levels. As a teacher, we disseminate more than just information. I am thrilled to have the opportunity at Maranatha to point the way to the truth, pray with the class, apply and read Scripture in class, and celebrate the glories of knowing and loving the Lord.”

    PETERSON, ANTOINE • Physical Education

Beginning Weight Training, Advanced Weight Training, and Physical Education

Mr. Peterson has sixteen years of teaching experience at the high school, middle school, and elementary levels as well as twenty-two years of coaching experience in multiple sports. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Physical Education, both from Azusa Pacific University. As a college football player, he chose to pursue degrees in Physical Education to be “in the position of being a mentor to other student athletes.” Mr. Peterson is grateful to be at Maranatha saying, “To be in a Christian environment feels like I am home.”


    ROCHE, KERRY • English

American Literature, A.P. English Language

Ms. Roche has a B.A. in Creative Studies with an Emphasis in Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara; a M.A. in Literature from Cal State University, Los Angeles; and a M.A. in American Studies from Pepperdine University. Ms. Roche has over ten years teaching experience and says, “Working at a Christian school allows instructors to not only develop the mind, but the spirit of the individual. A Christian school educator cares about students holistically and ensures they are living through Christ in all daily activities.”


    ROUSE, KAY • Learning Assistance Specialist/ Visual Arts

Art Introduction, Learning Assistance, Painting and Drawing

Mrs. Rouse has served at Maranatha for over thirty years. She has a B.A. in Art from California State University, Long Beach. She has her own studio and pursues art on her own time, particularly enjoying mixed media and traditional water color. “I love being able to teach students from my Christian perspective leading them towards an understanding and appreciation of the importance of art. I also teach them the value of aesthetics and artists as shown through Scripture. I challenge my students to take an intentional place in the arts world as highly skilled and uniquely Christian artists.” Mrs. Rouse has seen her three sons graduate from Maranatha.

    RUPP, ADAM • Performing Arts

A.P. Music Theory, Concert Choir, Introduction to Music Theory, Mixed Ensemble

Mr. Rupp holds a B.A. in Music Theory from Azusa Pacific University and has worked for many years in the field teaching private vocal, piano, and music theory; subbing in various college music courses and choirs, and leading his own church's praise band and choir. He enjoys sharing his passion and experience performing with his choir classes and studying in depth the content and history of sacred literature throughout the ages. Mr. Rupp feels a strong connection between faith and arts and enjoys “examining and discussing music's effects on our faith, bodies, emotions, and social relationships, and how that can contribute to all-encompassing worship of God, and love of our neighbor.”

    TURNQUIST, ERIKA • English

English 9, Composition

Ms. Turnquist has seven years of teaching experience in faith-based, charter, and public schools. She holds a Teaching Credential in English, a BA in English from Cal State University, Los Angeles; and is currently completing her Master’s in English, with a focus on British Literature. “It is not difficult,” she says, “to think of ways in which the ideals of Christianity can be incorporated into an English Literature class.” Some favorite aspects of teaching literature for her include: “exploring the history behind literature - to adequately describe the time period and set the tone for the story.” She also loves teaching anything on Edgar Alan Poe.

    WELLS, JOHN • Performing Arts Chair, Performing Arts, Theology

Old Testament Theology, Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra

Mr. Wells serves as a faculty member in the Theology Department and as the Director of the school’s orchestra. He has extensive experience writing his own musical productions and working as musical director at numerous churches. Mr. Wells has a B.A. in History from California State University, Northridge and a Master in Divinity from Biola University. Mr. Wells “loves to teach students and I believe God called me from full-time church work to specifically invest in young lives”.


    WIEREMA, KELLY • Science


Kelly Wierema, M.A., A.T.C., is not only the school’s Athletic Trainer but also teaches Kinesiology. She holds a B.A. in Athletic Training from Chapman University, and a M.S. in Kinesiology from California State University, Chico. She also holds certifications from the National Athletics Trainers’ Association and the American Red Cross and serves as a clinical instructor for the Athletic Training Education Program at Azusa Pacific University. She loves combining the academic study with the hands-on athletic training that she loves, all in the context of faith. She notes, “I love learning about the body and how it works. Our bodies are truly perfect, so perfect that they could have only been put together by the hands of God.” In addition to her professional responsibilities, Ms. Wierema is an active volunteer in the community and has led Maranatha students on a mission’s trip to New Orleans.



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